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Protect the Melanin is a blog for K-12 teachers, school leaders, university professors, parents, and community activists discussing topics, critical issues/debates, and innovative ideas concerning public education–specifically multicultural education and culturally relevant pedagogy.  This blog explores a broad range of concepts related to social justice, urban educational reform, and equity-based teaching strategies that can help improve the teaching and learning process for all students, specifically students who experience educational inequalities due to their raced, gendered, and classed identities.


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Karla Manning holds a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a former K-12 teacher.   Her research broadly examines how K-12 teachers & school leaders can create  wellness, healing-centered, and sustainable educational environments within equity-based frameworks.  Dr. Manning’s (2017) dissertation titled, Teacher Humanity: No Body Left Behind, examined how several K-12 teachers sought to humanize their personal and professional lives through their usage of self-care, wellness, and sustainable practices.  She has presented her research at several  conferences and organizations, including the Qualitative Inquiry Congress; the National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME); Wisconsin Council for Teachers of English; the Race, Gender, and Class Conference (@ the University of New Orleans) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Karla is a former K-12 English teacher in Chicago Public Schools and has also taught ESL in South Africa.  While teaching in Chicago, she directed and co-produced the documentary Black Lights, which highlighted the success stories of Black students in Chicago (2011).  She is now an educator in higher education in New York City and enjoys yoga, roller skating, and green smoothies.  Karla is a proud alumna of Tennessee State University.

You can contact her at drkarlarose@gmail.com

IG: @dr.karlarose